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An overview of our services

Healthcare guidance

We can support your institution in tackling waiting lists, by initially checking whether space is available earlier in the free establishment or at smaller institutions and group practices. We also actively seek contact with the free branch. We also hope that this will improve the cooperation between free establishment and institutions. We also get a better view of the actual total supply.

Waiting time guidance

We can make an offer to your clients on the waiting list for during the waiting period. This is done in consultation with you as an institution: if possible, this offer is in line with the treatment that follows. We offer support in the search for that offer and, if necessary, during. We also investigate whether the offer actually does something, in terms of complaint reduction and satisfaction.

Transfertables and consultation

If a question is unclear, we can organize a consultation. When a question is complex, we can take that question to the transfer table. There are two of these: the highly complex transfer table, where demand and consultation transcend the region. And the ‘normal’ transfer table, where an attempt is made within the region to find an answer to a complex question.

Below you will find a folder to give to clients.

Folder clients (dutch only)

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