Privacy of personal data

We understand that you do not want anyone to see that you are a customer with us. We therefore make every effort to protect your private data as well as possible. On this page you can read exactly what we want to know about you and where we use that data for.

What we want to know about you

  • E‑mail address

We respond by mail to your question or request. An email address is required for this. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can create an anonymous email address.

  • First and last name

We would like to be able to speak to you politely, in e-mails for example. But if you only want to give a first name, that is possible too. If you want to remain anonymous, just enter ‘anonymous’, when asked for your name.

  • Phone number

If you want to give us the opportunity to call you, you can enter your telephone number. But this is not mandatory. If you do not provide a telephone number, we will only use your email address to contact you.

  • Payment details

Some of the services offered by WegwijsGGZ can be paid via iDeal. We will process this payment by Mollie. This is a Dutch company that specializes in the safe execution of payments. Your payment details are only known to them, not to WegwijsGGZ. If you get money back from us, we will also do this via Mollie. If you do not want your details to appear on your own statements, we can send you an invoice with a name other than WegwijsGGZ.

Security data on the site

The site has an SSL certificate. This means that all information from and to the site is encrypted. You can also indicate on the form if you want your data to be deleted.

What else we do with the data

  • Contact and storage

If we call you back or email you for a short screening, when you want to be linked or are looking for help, we will make a short record of this. After our work is done, we destroy those records.

  • Quality

We would like to help you as mucg as possible with WegwijsGGZ. That is why we collect statistics about the use of the website. That way we can see if visitors can easily find their way on the site. For this we only use ‘grouped’ data, so no individual data that can be directly traced back to you.

Request for viewing/deleting personal data