We offer support, overview and expertise
within the GGZ in Amsterdam

In what way WegwijsGGZ can be helpful for you?

WegwijsGGZ wants to make healthcare more accessible to clients, relatives and general practitioners within the current mental healthcare system of Amsterdam. We have therefore set up a network of expert GZ psychologists, psychotherapists & psychiatrists. Referrers, institutions and employers can use WegwijsGGZ to answer questions about the mental healthcare system in Amsterdam and consultation from our network. You can also consult us for finding available treatment.

How does WegwijsGGZ work?

You can ask your question using the form below. We will then contact you by telephone or e-mail within two (working) days.

What are the rates?

You can find our rates for the services here.

For general practitioners: The consultation can be financed from the POH-GGZ module. Look for more information about the financing here. The care providers from our network determine their own consultation rates themselves.

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Contact about the organisation can be done via e-mail. We will respond within two (working) days.

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