We offer independent advice & consultation

on psychological problems

in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

How can WegwijsGGZ help me?

It is not always easy to find your way to help if you have mental health concerns. This may be because of the nature of your concerns, or because it can be difficult to get an overview of which help suits you the best. At WegwijsGGZ, we support you by listening to your situation and giving tailored advice. We can also help you find a health professional suited to your needs. Hence we do not offer treatments ourselves. We work with a network of health-psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists who have years of experience and expertise and are happy to support you in giving treatment advice. Below you will find an overview of our services:

Online advice

Do you have questions about a mental health concern? Are you looking for good information about help available in Amsterdam? We are happy to help you with online advice.

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A consult with an expert

Are you not sure exactly what is going on with you? Or maybe you would like a second opinion? An advice on which treatment or help is best for you? WegwijsGGZ links you to an expert from our own network. In this conversation you will find out what is going on and the expert will provide treatment advice.

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Support in finding help

Do you want to get help as soon as possible, but can not find a place? Or maybe you do not have the time to search for a place? We will look for the best fitting and fastest available place for you.

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Consultation & questions

We offer independent consultation for general practitioners and institutions. We also provide assistance for finding help for employees of your company.

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“I had absolutely no overview where to go to in Amsterdam. WegwijsGGZ brought me peace and found me a good therapist where I was well helped.”

For whom?


Do you have a question about a mental health complaint or about help? Are you unsure where to start? Are you looking for the fastest available (treatment) place? Then you can contact us.

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Do you worry about your child, other family member or friend ? Do you want to know what is going on or are you looking for help yourself? Then contact us and we will help you further.

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Referrer & employer

We offer advice or consultation if you have a question about a patient or employee.

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Together we look for suitable help

What are our rates?

Online advice


per message

Including VAT. Up to 1000 words per message.
Payment directly via Ideal.



per link

Including VAT. This rate is only for linking to an expert from the WegwijsGGZ network. The hourly rate for a consult is between € 79.85 and € 101.03 (maximum NZA rate for an uninsured care product). 

Searching for help


per hour

Including VAT. We look for suitable help. You will receive an invoice afterwards.


from 89,95

per consult

Payment can be made from the POH-GGZ module. You will receive an invoice afterwards.

*Unfortunately we are not reimbursed by most health insurances.

Who are we?

Noor Cornelissen and Hieke Bos have joined forces to establish WegwijsGGZ. Both have their own motivation:

Noor (left) experienced a long, hard search for help for her mentally ill mother. She didn’t know where to turn for proper advice or to find an organization that provided some kind of overview of the mental health services available in Amsterdam. That motivated her to study Psychology. Now, so many years later so little has changed. That’s why she started WegwijsGGZ. “Good guidance in the search for the right care is so important in my experience.”

Hieke (right) has 20 years experience of working in mental health care. Rules, reorganisations, registrations, accountability and distrust from healthcare insurers have impaired the content and quality of the care she offers. Although all of this should serve a good cause, it often misses the point. “I want to go back to what drove me at first: helping people in their psychological suffering. Back to the content. I think it’s important to ask the question: what do you think helps? “

More information: Our vision & network

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